Saturday, March 15, 2008

Free easy money making

Heh. Right now I'm trying to make money online by composing this post using the principles in
Rob Benwell’s ebook about making money with your own blog. His ebook titled "Blogging to the Bank" is probably the shortest, most useful self-help guide to making money blogging ever. (If it works-- but that's what this post will help test! XD).

Make Money online!

Answer a coupla questions, get a coupla dollars.

One way that I've made money in the past was answering paid surveys. Depending on the type of study you get into, you could get five to ten dollars at a time, perhaps more. But it can be hard to track these surveys down. It's been a while since I've been on the survey scene, so I'm taking a look at places like Survey Scout and Paid Surveys Online to see what they might have to offer.

Friday, March 7, 2008

$ 0.0120 OVER A PENNY W00T

Wow three days and yet to break a penny with adpaid :/

Granted I'm not doing their "complete an offer" thing with pays significantly more, but that's because I feel it's scuzzy to complete and offer than then cancel it.

I've started up an account with to see if they can get me anywhere, they seem to pay one tenth of a cent for every ad viewed, and they give you 30 seconds between ads. With them I might see a cent by the end of the week. Between the two of them I surely will!

Since my goal for this project is $3,000.00... I'd need 300,000 of those pennies :<

I've decided to segregate the revenue board by income source, one because it's easier for me (I don't feel like adding every time I do a post) and two, because I'll get to see who pays the most fastest.

LOL I found an ad with this copy: "I need Co-Pilot Associates. Earn & Learn with me as your Internet Navigator. Never Fly Solo Again! Others close my deals, I keep 100%. Ask me how. Board my Spaceship DEWAJ with I Have Lift Off."

That's got to win some kind of award for lamest. pitch. ever. (but I'm still going to click it to get my .01 cent!)

RANT MODE: See, places need to pay me in WHOLE coins. Fractions of a cent just insult me. This isn't Superman III or Office Space. I'm not going to be able to instantly aggregate these fractions into anything meaningful in any meaningful length of time. And seeing as how I set a drop -dead date for the experiment, that's very important.

Well wait a second here. My math was wrong. Looking at my account page in Clicksense, after viewing 8 ads it says I have $0.08 ... that's eight cents, right?

That's a HELL of a lot more than Adpaid so far-- BUT they only give you a limited amount of ads per day unless you pay for premium membership-- but stuff that--- I'm here to make money, not give it away!

Still, progress! And Progress is good! The lesson: DIVERSIFY your ad-paying peoples!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Whoa this affiliate directory thing really works

I just compared this site, which is about 5 days old, to another, fairly popular site that I have which is FIVE YEARS old.

This site, which has had the full works of cross listing done, has 80,000+ links in according to Alexa. My other site... TWO.

Holy cow.

That there is what you call an Eye-Opener

Yet to break a penny

The revenue board has gone up... to $0.0087 LOL

(I got sent another pay to click email by Adpaid which is where the .20 cents comes from. )

The painful lesson here is that more sources of PPC income are needed, as well as more affiliates. Because right now the math works like this:

.20 cents x 30 seconds x 1 day.

Not exactly a profit mine, yet. But remember the goal of this experiment is aggregation. So my mission for later today is to find and sign up for more sources. One pebble alone does not an avalanche make-- but it can start it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Earn AT LEAST $1 a month for having your computer on 20 hours a day

Most of us have our computers on all the time, even though we don't spend all of our time doing something. Most of the time all that energy is wasted, running a screensaver or downloading, or something. Well, why not make the computer WORK for you?

I always wondered why there were no places out there that paid you to crunch numbers in the background while your computer was on. I mean Seti@Home and the like get that kind of massively parallel supercomputing power for free from their users.

Well, a few years back I found Porivo (now gomez) Peer. They pay for every second you spend online running their Java-based client, and more if they actually process data via your machine. They also give you one dollar for every activated referral (they don't accept everyone, generally you have to run their client for free for a week or two, then they activate you and you start earning).

ALSO. If anyone knows any other services like this, please toss them my way.

I have personally made over 120 dollars through
them, at the rate of about 4-7 dollars a month. It doesn't SOUND like a lot, but you can use those funds to buy a nice snack or a domain name or something useful.

I haven't included the Gomez earnings in the revenue counter on this blog because all my payments so far have been prior to the start of it. I will be adding it as time goes on.

They pay by Paypal and a few other providers, check them out!

LOL my first $ 0.0053

Well Adpaid, which is a service that pays you to read emails and look at websites for 30 seconds, has given me a grand total of $ 0.0053 in credit for viewing two sites. (No, my decimals aren't wrong). Clearly, this is a site where referrals are needed and so matter if you want to build up any kind of a revenue stream. Still, they pay by Paypal once you meet the minimum payout, which is nice.

Next post I'll talk about somewhere that has paid me quite well (and I don't understand why they dont' have more programs like this out there) - It's called Gomez Peer.